Hear no evil, see no evil, speek no evil equals which evil?

Hear no evil, see no evil, speek no evil equals which evil?

“Did we miss anything Bill?”
“To do no evil?”
“Which one?”
“Woman? You have a list?”
“Wich one?”
“Darn! You have several?!”
“Be a dear and go play with your sexophone now.”
“Which one?”
And so life in little Arkansas continues where the village freak is a witch who just happened to marry someone horny on her list. But the question remains which list.
“What funny two monkeys.”
“They symbolise part of a great saying of one of our great virtues in our great country.”
“Which one oh groping Don?”
“The one of unspoken evil to name but one.”
“There are more?”
“There are our sworn enemies.”
“Which one?”
And so life went by in the little TrumpTower where the towering freak is a monkey who just happened to be conditioned on time for feeding. But the question remains which hunger needs to be fed.donhush
“So how do we go about it?”
“The running canditates honey.”
“Which one?”
“The one who will make the least collateral damage I guess.”
“Which one dear?”
“Well, they are both racists. One has a deathlist and the other one finds women nothing more than a number on his list.”
“Go along dear I’m writing my speech for capital Hill.”
“You mean capital Hillary since you’re not running … are you?”
“Which evil is less dear? Now go I want to speak my mind!”
And so the odds were calculated in little White House by the female where the president is male. The question does remain, will common sense be good enough for world balance or has someone told it to hush?
“Anna, Katrina, Svetlana come over here and watch me now.”
“Where can we watch your ego is soooo big.”
“Watch groping Don, my friend and my allie.”
“You in love with him?”
“Which one?”
“The one with the sex?”
Again I ask you, which one?”
And so little Russia had changed overnight where the mayer of a broken union became the powerful tsar who just happened to like his male counterpart more. And there’s no question about his preference of world balance.

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